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Credit worthiness is defined as follows,“ the extent to which a person is considered suitable to receive financial credit, based on their reliability in paying money back in the past.” Your creditworthiness is based on how you’ve handled credit and debt obligations up to this point. Creditors can tell how well you’ve managed your previous credit obligations by looking at your credit report. As the consumer, you are allowed one free credit report per year. Go to, review your report and identify any inaccuracies. This is something we recommend you do prior to beginning your home buying journey. Have your information with you at your home buying consultation. This will help you to better relay information about your credit history with your Realtor.

All Realtors will not ask this of you, but at Element Home Life, we want to be sure that we have as much information as we can obtain up front. This allows our agents to be able to partner you with the lender who is best suited to service you, based on the information you provide. 

Not everyone who wishes to buy a home, needs credit repair, some people may want to get to the next FICO score bracket, to qualify with a better interest rate, more buying power, or both. So you would be doing your pockets a favor by knowing and understanding your personal credit file. Element Home Life has a team of credit specialists ready to assist you with boosting your credit score before qualifying you to buy your home. 

***If you are visiting Element Home Life for the purpose of buying a home, we highly encourage you to speak with one of our agents, prior to addressing any credit concerns on your own. We are here to consult with you and make sure you receive the proper support before attempting to tackle your credit alone.***

Fixing Your Credit

Repairing and rebuilding credit scores yourself is free and something anyone can do. By law, you’re entitled to free copies once per year through Once you have your reports, order your credit scores through a third party authorized website, which is typically offered to you on the site, once you order your credit report.

With a copy of your reports from Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, start by reviewing your report for any discrepancies. Look for errors and inaccuracies like wrong name, address, accounts showing twice, collections which continue to be reported twice for the same account, and the like. If you find errors, you should send a certified letter to the credit bureaus asking them to investigate and correct the problem. Certified letters can be sent by going to your local postal service; send the letter, “certified with a return receipt.” This means you will receive notification when the letter is successfully delivered. Send a separate letter for each error you find. This may be more time-consuming, but you will get better results.

Once a disputed best is verified, you can arrange to pay off any old debts through a negotiating tactic known as “goodwill letters.” Negative items on your credit report that are accurate can be legally, ethically and permanently deleted through goodwill letters. Respectfully state how you were late, or how you were delinquent, and what you’re doing to correct your bad habits. You can offer to pay the debt, or settle for a lesser amount of what is owed, in exchange for the creditor removing the negative remark from your credit report. This may not work on every creditor, but it is certainly worth a try. 

Be sure to pay your bills on time each month. If you are able to, pay the balance in full, doing so has a greater impact than paying your minimum payment. Your payment history accounts for 35 percent of your credit score. Do not charge more than 30% of your available card balance. Charging more than 30%  Lower credit utilization is considered shows that you’re doing a good job of managing your credit responsibilities. A higher rate could cause other lenders to view you as someone who struggles to manage your finances, thus resulting in less chances of being approved for new lines of credit. Your overall credit history (all available credit lines), should not exceed more than 10% overall.

Avoid Doing These Things: Closing accounts. Closing accounts hurts your score. Instead, pay off the balance, leave the account open, and remove the card from your wallet. This will help ensure that you will not use it.

Do Not Apply For Several New Credit-Card Accounts At Once: FICO does allow you to rate shop. You can apply for 10 different mortgages in a 45-day period and it only accounts as one inquiry under FICO guidelines. You can also apply at 20 different car dealerships a car loan, and again, it only accounts for one inquiry. This is not the case with revolving credit. With revolving credit it’s the more inquiries you have in a 12 month period, the lower your FICO score.

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