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Almost everything involved in the home buying (or selling) process

A Realtor is your most valuable asset when buying a home. They will walk you through every part of the home buying process and will do much of the grunt work for you. They will educate and inform you of all your options. And finally, they will represent you throughout the transaction and beyond.

No problem!

Element Home Life can help you buy your new home, and help you sell your home after you get the keys to your new home. For more information about this program schedule a consultation today! Sellers Consultation

Nothing at all!

You do not have to pay your Realtor anything to help you purchase a home. The seller pays the Realtor fees, to the agent who lists the home, and to the agent who “brings the buyer” for the purchase of the home. 

**Hot Tip: Remember, the seller’s Realtor works for the seller. You should Always use your own Realtor, especially since you do not have to pay for our services.**


There are some great home buying programs to research. In the “Lending” tab of our webpage. The main ones would be VA loans and FHA loans. Knowing the difference between these two loans is very important. For loan program info, click here: First Time Home BuyerLending Services

We have other options!

Your first step should be to let Element Home Life put you in touch with a qualified lending expert to check your qualifications. If immediate approval is not an option, our team of experts will work with you to get you on the path to home ownership. In the meantime, we have other programs which you may qualify for. Through our Lease With The Right To Purchase option, you can find and live in your dream home, while you work to get qualified. Once you are qualified, you can purchase your home! Through this option, there is no obligation to purchase the home, you will live under the standard annual lease option.

Usually around 3-5% but it depends on the loan type

The most common answer is 3% to 5% of the purchase price. There are also some conventional loans that require just 3% down. Veterans are usually eligible for a VA loan, which requires no money down. Properties in rural areas are usually eligible for a USDA loan, which also requires no money down.  

The housing market is fluid.

Simply put, there are too many factors and changes to the market daily to keep track of. Having information and access to market information that is not available to the public, is one of the biggest reasons to hire an experienced Realtor. Once you have a consultation with an Element Home Life expert, we will be able to provide data and information customized for your specific needs/requests.

An excellent real estate agent can give you valuable information about the local market and the community you live in. Your Realtor can help you understand the information, and how it translates to the current market conditions.