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How Realtors Help During Your PCS

Hidden Benefits

When it comes time for you to go to your next PCS, the timeframe for service members to receive orders can vary, anywhere from five months to two weeks prior to their report date to your new duty station. Wherever your transfer lies within that time frame, you need to begin working early on with your moving process to ensure the best opportunity for a smooth transition. Many of our soldiers do not know how much of a benefit a Realtor can be in this process. There are agents available to help you release the stress of your PCS.

While service members have a number of military resources at their disposal, there is not a lot of information that shouts out how beneficial a Realtor can be to your transfer.

Living Off Base

For service members who do not wish to live on post, a local Realtor specializing in relocation can help you find your new home. That said, there are two essential things to remember, one, be sure that the Realtor specializes (and is certified) in military relocation. Second, if you are looking to rent first, ask the agent if he/she works with renters. Some Realtors do not work with rental prospects, and you may lose valuable time by not asking the right questions in the beginning. As a certified relocation specialist, I have learned that being calm in the midst of my clients’ storms has genuinely been a blessing to them, and it is also an honor and a pleasure to be of service to our service members.

Pace Is Important

Getting an early start on this is essential because of the fast-paced market we are in due to housing needs changing for everyone. If you are PCSing during the peak summer season (from May to August), keep in mind that it may be more challenging to secure the pickup and delivery dates you want. Another benefit of a Realtor to assist you with housing is that he/she can be doing the leg work for you while working to handle other responsibilities. Additionally, because offices may be understaffed or orders might be delayed, things can get crazy quickly. Please take action early on and give yourself the best chance to find a new home with as little of a headache as possible. With a Realtor’s help, we can be your eyes and ears as you look to find your new home, which is a much different experience than the relocation offices between duty stations. A relocation specialist has the tools and resources of the real estate industry around the community at their fingertips. Bottom line: be proactive, don’t procrastinate., and know that there are agents out there who can help. If you decide to work with a Realtor, be sure to keep him/her in the loop, especially when there are changes. Remember, an experienced relocation specialist knows how to pivot and keep things on track.

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Organize To Thrive

Create a PCS binder. Organization before a PCS is essential. A great way to keep track of important documents is to have or create your PCS binder. Use the binder to store everything from birth certificates, tax documents, powers of attorney (POA), packing checklists, calendar pages with important dates. If you need to use your POA to purchase a home by your spouse, be sure to look into this ahead of time, so you will already be prepared to use it during your home buying process. Not having this in advance may cause delays with the purchase of your home.


If you choose to seek a Realtor to help you with your housing process, here are a few things to be sure to ask them before making a decision:

1. Is the Realtor certified in military relocation?

2. How does he/she search for and show you homes if you will not be in town?

3. What strategies does the Realtor use while searching to get you into a home.

If you need PCS services and would like to schedule a free consultation, click here to reach out to us, and we will do everything we can to make your transaction as easy as possible.


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